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A Letter From The Peace Church Consistory

Dear Peace Church Family and Friends,

There is so much we love about our church: the music, the friendships, our pastor, our history… the list goes on and on! All of this and more was made possible by the people who came before us with the foresight to “build for the future generations”. The amazing church we have and enjoy now is the crowning achievement of all their hard work. Let’s face it, we all love our church – but our church needs some love! To honor those who have come before us, and for us to do our part in “building for future generations”, we as your consistory leadership team invite you to join us in our new church funding campaign called INVIGORATE!

What is invigorate? To put it simply, a lot of the main sanctuary and the “old parts” of the building have gone virtually untouched for several decades. Normal wear and tear, as well as the styles of the time have reared their ugly faces, and something needs to be done. The time has come to “Invigorate” these parts of our church. To this end, the Invigorate campaign aims to raise enough money to accomplish the following:

  • Update the flooring in the main sanctuary, stage, pastor’s office, choir room, side entrance, upstairs balcony, and downstairs bathrooms.
  • Re-paint and repair the walls in the above rooms.
  • Update some of the light fixtures in the above rooms to energy efficient and contemporary styles.
  • Repair and “re-cover” all pews in the sanctuary.
  • Replace the current “Electrical Box” controls for the main sanctuary lighting to a current system that is up-to-code, and easy to use.

We’ve spoken with several local contractors about accomplishing this task, and the combined bid totals right around $60,000. Adjusting for any unknowns – our goal is to raise an additional 10%, bringing our total goal to $66,000. We know that this is no small task, and that it will take all of us pulling together to accomplish this goal. Asking for money is always awkward, and we know that financial circumstances often change. However, as your church leadership team, we feel that this project is important and long overdue. So instead of asking for money, we simply ask that you would take a few moments to pray, and ask God how he would want you to help invigorate our church. We have set up a special donation form on this page (scroll down), where you can make a monthly recurring donation. We’ve also put special envelopes in the pews, if you wish to instead make a one time donation.

We’re excited for this opportunity to leave our lasting mark on Peace Church – just as those who came before us did. We hope you will join us in our efforts to “Invigorate” our church!

With humility and thanks – The Peace UCC Consistory Team

  • Raised: $16,961
  • To Go: $63,840

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Join A Team

Once the project gets underway, we’ll be looking for a lot of help in all areas of the project. Talk with a consistory member to get more information, and learn how you can leverage your abilities to help “invigorate” our church.


Join us as we pray for “God’s will to be done” as we boldly venture forth into the unknowns of this project.

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